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    Post  Game Overlord on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:28 pm

    BIO: Layne Staley Staley

    Character Name: Layne Thomas Staley
    Playby: Kiefer Sutherland
    Age: 55
    Height: 5 ft 8 inches
    Weight: 170 Lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde
    Build: Average
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic:
    Habitual cigarette smoking (30 a day since he was 15). Always carrying two dice, a deck of cards and a coin.

    Personal History:
    Son of James and Courtney Staley. A casual drinker by the age of 14, he soon developed a tolerance for alcohol usually reserved for dock workers. His abuse of alcohol and tendency to get into a fight often got him in trouble with the law. After one pub room brawl landed him in court (again) he was give the choice of prison or the marines. He enlisted.

    Fortunately for Layne, he was well cut out to be a marine. While he is extremely competent with weaponry, he is no marksman sharpshooter, tending to opt for power and lots of ammo. He may grunt and grumble in his usual fashion about his orders, he never fails to get the job done.

    In addition to his drinking and smoking, Layne is a gambler, frequently engaging in games with whomever is serving as his comrades at the time, more often than not using his winnings to fuel is other addictions.

    Academic History:
    High School drop out

    Service History:
    Marine (Defender Ares)
    Marine XO (Battlestar Atlantia)

    Goals and Ambitions:
    To not die from his lung cancer
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    Post  Elena Vance on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:32 pm

    Seriously, the gambling/card playing and the fights in his youth are really interesting. They have to meet for a game or battle sometime. Very Happy

    But its a good character, indeed.

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    Post  Layne Staley on Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:02 pm

    Should provide some fun, yes.

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