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    Ship Grading System Empty Ship Grading System

    Post  Game Overlord on Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:57 am

    The ship grading system here at P.V. has been borrowed from "Two" over at BattlestarMod. All credit for the system goes to him.

    Two wrote:Hello all, I've been using a somewhat objective grading system in my little ship stats posts. Some have asked for the list and clarification so here it is. Questions or crit welcome.

    Letter = largest weapon that can be stopped once or twice in the same spot (example ship that uses it)
    A = tactical nuke (Mercury)
    B = 2200mm heavy cannon (Galactica / Basestar 'shiny' outer surface)
    C = 1100mm medium cannon (Basestar inner surface / Gunstar)
    D = 550mm light cannon (Firestar)
    E = 120mm heavy autocannon (Butcher)
    F = 60mm medium autocannon (Front of Heavy Raiders)
    G = 30mm light autocannon (Small parts of the Raiders)
    H = small arms (Vipers)

    Stealth - estimates based on sise as well as design
    A = Stealthstar
    B = Raider II / Viper VIII
    C = Viper VII
    D = Viper II / Heavy Raider
    E = Raptor / Raider I
    F = Valkyrie / Patrolstar
    G = Basestar / Aries
    H = HBS / Battlestar
    I = Small moon (lol)

    A = Commandstar
    B = Basestar
    C = Valkyrie
    D = Mercury
    E = Galactica
    F = Stealthstar
    G = Raptor
    H = ViperVIII
    I = RaiderII
    J = ViperVII
    K = ViperII

    A = Viper VII
    B = Raider II
    C = Viper II
    D = Heavy Raider
    E = Raider I
    F = Raptor
    G = Vulture
    H = Butcher
    I = Frigate
    J = Battlestar
    K = Heavy Battlestar

    45g anti-fighter missile
    9g Raider II
    8g Viper VII
    7g Raider I
    6g Viper II
    5g Raptor / Butcher / anti-ship missile
    4g Patrolstar
    3g Firestar
    2g Battlestar / Gunstars
    1g Basestar

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