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    BIO: James Mackenzie Brucewillis1300x400zg8

    Character Name: James Mackenzie
    Playby*: Bruce Willis
    Age: 47 (Changed Willis's actual age, he's too old lol, 53)
    Height: 5 ft 11 in
    Weight: 201
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Bald, but brown otherwise.
    Build: Large, fit
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic: Quick combat thinking, a virtual machine in combat

    Personal History:
    James Mackenzie was born on Scorpia to his parents Mark and Janet. James was exposed to marine life at an early age when he went with his father, a Marine Sergeant Major, to conditioning and saw what they did, and how they lived. From that moment on, James knew the Marine Corps was for him. James joined the Marines at the age of seventeen, a year short of regulations, his father had to pull alot of strings and call in alot of favors to let him join that early, James never let his old man down, he showed that he had a devotion to his work. James usually came out on top on all of the trials that the Boot Camp officers threw at him, but he never quite conquered the intelligence gathering part, James was a man of little patience. James graduated from boot camp to be immediately shipped to Sagittaron to reinforce the 23rd Marine Expeditionary Force sent there to quell insurgent activity which had been on the rise. It was on Sagittaron that James developed a fondness for Caprican ambrosia he found while raiding an insurgent smuggler's hideout. No one knows how he managed to slip a crate of the stuff out of the hideout and onto the orbiting battlestar, but it was no secret he was a charming man, and the female raptor pilot was well aware of this. He still carries a few bottles with him and sips just a few sips every now and then. It was also on Sagittaron he earned the nickname James "Bull" Mackenzie. The nickname was given to him because he was tough as a bull in combat, he always seemed to never be tired. After the insurgency was all but conquered on their home planet of Sagittaron, James was sent to the Battlestar Cyprus to serve on the marine staff there, and he stayed there until the construction of the Battlestar Rhea, at which point he was promoted and transferred to the brand new Mercury Class vessel as the Master At Arms.

    Academic History:
    High School Graduate
    Bootcamp Graduate
    Career History (or Service History):
    Private 1st Class assigned to the 23rd Expeditionary Force
    Recieved the Colonial Silver Medal
    Promoted two times
    Assigned to the Battlestar Cyprus
    Promoted another tow times to Gunnery Sergeant

    Goals and Ambitions:
    Never disappoint his parents.
    Become Sergeant Major of the Colonial Marine Corps
    Kick any Insurgent or Cylon ass that he sees

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