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    BIO: Ethan Knight 15

    Character Name: Ethaniel Leonitus Knight
    Playby: Colin Ferguson
    Age: 36
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 178 lbs
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Hair: Brown
    Build: Athletic, Medium Frame
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic: Fiercely loyal to his commanding officers and those under his command. He wants only what is best for them and strives to achieve it. He is a scholarly man and prefers to read a book in his free time. Even though he must be strong and stern in the position of Executive Officer, he likes to mingle with the crew when he can.
    Position: Executive Officer, Battlestar Rhea

    Personal History: Born to Evita and Alden Knight on the colony of Aquaria, Ethan grew up in a scholarly setting. Both his parents were grade school professors. By the age of ten, his parents had managed to get him accepted to a private boarding school known as The Athenic School of Aquaria, one of twelve prestigious private boarding schools. He spent a large part of his teenage years.

    The time they spent away from one another caused somewhat of a rift in the family as his fathers military background required Ethan to be perfect in everything he did. He never missed an opportunity to ridicule his son in a perverted way of getting him to perform better in school so he wouldn't "end up just like his old man." His mother could only standby idly as her husband slowly tore their small family apart.

    Upon his graduation from the boarding school, the situation between Ethan and his father got so bad that they refused to speak to one another. His father even refused to attend the graduation ceremony. Soon after his graduation, Ethan did the one thing that he knew would set his father off, just to spite him. He joined the Colonial Fleet.

    They say that the whole neighborhood could hear the argument at the Knight residence.

    While stationed aboard the Battlestar Pegasus, he became close with his wingman, the then Lieutenant Samantha "Edge" Rhodes. The rumor mill was often working overtime around them with claims that they were in a relationship together. After being partners for nearly 4 years, Rhodes suddenly left the Colonial Fleet with at the rank of Captain.

    Word has it that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl not too long afterward.

    Academic History:
    - The Athenic School of Aquaria (7 Years)
    - Picon Fleet Academy (4 Years)
    - Delphi Flight School, Viper Division (2 Years)
    - Colonial War College (2 Years)

    Career History (or Service History):
    - Delphi Flight School, Viper Division (Viper Trainee)
    - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
    - Battlestar Triton (Viper Pilot)
    - Promoted to Lieutenant
    - Colonial War College
    - Promoted to Captain
    - Battlestar Hera (Commander, Air Group)
    - Promoted to Major
    - Delphi Flight School, Viper Division (Strategic Tactics Instructor)
    - Battlestar Pegasus (Commander, Air Group)
    - Promoted to Colonel
    - Battlestar Rhea (Executive Officer)

    Goals and Ambitions:
    - Retire from the Colonial Fleet by the age of 45 and become a College Professor or an Instructor at the Colonial War College.
    - Start a family.
    - Get a dog.
    - Full retirement on a lakeside property in Aquaria.

    - Aiden Richardson Knight, Father
    - Sarah Kristen Knight, Mother
    - Samantha Zoie Rhodes, Fiance
    - Alexandra Ilona Knight, Daughter

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