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    BIO: Francis Cavil Cavil

    Please note: This character is an undercover Cylon agent and, as such, the history and biographical information supplied here is publicly accepted by the other characters as true. This is in accordance with the No God-Modding rule.

    Character Name: Francis R. Cavil
    Playby: Dean Stockwell
    Age: 64
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black/Grey
    Build: Pudgy
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic: Habitual cigar-smoking, An occasional nervous tick, Jaded personality
    Position: Commander, Battlestar Rhea

    Personal History:
    Born and raised on a small farm in the southern territory of Antares on Scorpia, young Cavil was exposed to the rigorous outdoors and fine, clean air that made the Colony famous amongst its heavenly siblings. His father, a hard-handed but soft-hearted man, wise beyond his years, raised his sons to be strong of spine and of soul. Johnathon Cavil had four boys and daughter - Jon, Francis, Timothy, Joshua, and Adrienne. Jon was the eldest and Joshua the youngest.

    From a young age, Jon had always shown the most interest in running the farm, which Francis - the second oldest - had no qualms about. His eyes had always been pointed skyward. Whether it was climbing to the top of a cliff and leaping off with a hang-glider or tumbling from sky planes with only the strings of a parachute and the wind at his fingertips, Francis' yearning for adventure would never be quelled.

    One day, Jon - the most staunch and evenly grounded of the Cavil brothers- after much begging and convincing, agreed to go sky diving with his enthusiastic younger brother. Before going up in the plane, a twenty-one year old Jon Cavil patted his brother on the back and handed him a cigar. Pulling a second one out of his other pocket, he grinned like a madman and told Francis to, "enjoy it, my brother. Good times like this in life rarely last, so it's often best to make the most of them in the time that we are given."

    Jon's parachute never opened.

    It would take Francis years of psycotherapy to get over the guilt he brought upon himself after his brother's death. The cigar, which he had been saving to share with his brother upon their safe landing, sat on a shelf in his room for years, untouched. He didn't dare light it, lest he ever forget the young man that had given it to him. At long last, he was able to put the guilt behind him.

    One year later, the Cylon War began. His father, after registering to serve in the Colonial Military, told his children not to follow suit when they became of age should the war still be on. His words were, "fight only if the Cylons ever set foot on Scorpia. I will not lose another child." Francis, along with all his brothers and his sister, swore that night that they would not.

    Johnathon Cavil served for the entirety of the war as Deck Chief aboard the Battlestar Rycon, having years of experience as the head mechanic at a Viper Production plant years before marrying his wife and starting the family farm. During that time he wrote home frequently about the dangers of war, the Cylons, and life aboard a Battlestar. It was from his father's letters that Francis developed an interest in joining the military. Had he not sworn an oath to his father, promising he would not enter the war unless the Cylons set foot on Scorpia, he would have registered the day he turned 18. As it was, he stood for nearly half an hour outside the recruitment center in Antares, convincing himself not to do it.

    After the war, when Johnathon had come home, his son decided it was time to leave. He was no longer needed to run the farm, and he had little interest in the business. With the war over, the oath keeping him out of the Military was no longer relevant. The first chance he had, Cavil left for the nearby city of Chelae and enrolled in the large military college there. He was placed in the Officer Candidate School division - much to his family's surprise. They had expected him to enter flight school, but for Francis it was still too early to face that dark avenue that he dreaded so much.

    He would never sit in a cockpit. Never learn to pilot a Viper or a Raptor. Instead, he would work his way up through the ranks aboard the Battlestar Universal from a Private in the Colonial Marine Corps, through four years as the Master At Arms, and eventually Tactical Officer. For nearly a decade he served as the tactical officer aboard the Universal, eventually sitting at the rank of Captain. It wasn't until the commissioning of another new Battlestar - the Erasmus - that Cavil had his first chance at real command. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and given a position of Executive Officer, serving under Commander Matthew Lawson. It was here that Cavil began to shine as a Colonial Officer and, under exceptional recommendation by Lawson - after nearly twenty years of service, given Command of a Battlestar.

    The Battlestar Rhea.

    Academic History:
    Antares Elementary (Primary)
    Sophia Finishing School (Secondary)
    South-Scorpia Colonial Military Academy - SSCMA (Officer Candidate School)

    Service History:
    27 Private (CMC, Marine) - Battlestar Universal
    27 Private First Class (CMC, Marine) - Universal
    28 Corporal (CMC, Marine) - Universal
    29 Sergeant (CMC, Marine) - Universal
    30 Sergeant First-Class (CMC, Master At Arms) - Universal
    31 Master Sergeant (CMC, Master At Arms) - Universal
    34 Sergeant Major (CMC, Master At Arms) - Universal
    35 Junior Lieutenant (Tactical Officer) - Universal
    39 Lieutenant (Tactical Officer) - Universal
    45 Captain (Tactical Officer) - Universal
    45 Lieutenant Colonel (Executive Officer) - Battlesar Erasmus
    48 Colonel (Executive Officer) - Erasmus
    64 Commander (Commander) - Battlestar Rhea

    Goals and Ambitions: Unknown

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