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    Post  Game Overlord on Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:25 pm

    This is the basic outline of a player application for this forum. Fill out all the fields mentioned here and PM the completed application to me. Please make sure that your character name is the same as your display name. For this purpose, I'm allowing members to change their display names. Please do not abuse this privilege.

    Please note, if you are not at least 16 years of age, your application will not be accepted on any terms. Player name, e-mail and birth date will only be viewed by myself and/or other staff members if necessary.


    Player Name:
    Player Email:
    Player Birth date:

    Character Name:
    Distinctive Characteristic:
    Position Applied for:

    Personal History:

    Academic History:

    Career History (or Service History):

    Goals and Ambitions:

    Sample Post (At least three paragraphs):

    * Playby refers to a person used to personify your character. Examples include; Dean Stockwell (playby for Francis Cavil) and Colin Ferguson (playby for Ethan Knight).

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