Phase One - Humble Beginnings (27,155 Words)

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    Post  Alexander Sola on Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:51 pm

    Alexander left the Commander's office and headed back to the CIC. He decided to review the ships full status before he went to see the Chief Engineer. The walk back to CIC seemed to be a lot quicker then when he had left it to report to the CO.

    Walking back in, he pulled himself to his full height.

    "Who is the Officer of the Deck?"

    Everyone looked around at him when the same Petty Officer from before walked up to him.

    "I am Sir!"

    "Very well, Sit rep."

    Ream handed Alex a clip board of reports.

    "The CNP is still causing power fluctuation's throughout the ship. The XO just arrested the head of the Civillian contractor's. The acting head says we wont be 100% ready by tomorrow."

    Alex glanced through the lists as Ream was talking. Glancing up at the DRADIS screen, he knew he wouldn't see anything it was just force of habit.

    "Very well, I'll need to keep this report. The Commander and I have a plan to make sure we will be able to defend ourself. Keep trying with the CNP, I'm heading to Engineering to talk to the Chief Engineer. You have the Deck."

    Saluting the Petty Officer, Alex strode out of CIC and headed towards the Aft of the ship.

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    Post  John Nagala on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:06 pm

    T-2 Days - 1700 - Aerelon Orbital Drydock, Battlestar Rhea - Hallway

    "Alexa, huh?"

    "Yeah. Why is that so hard to believe?" she asked, with both an air of incredulousness and humour.

    "I dunno," he said. "I guess I just like Phoenix better."

    The two had finished there business trip to the mess hall and were headed back to the pilot's rec with their spoils - three cases of Ambrosia, a large bottle of Gemonese Ale, and a pack of smokes each.

    "Well, I like John better than Drifter."



    They rounded the final corner and found themselves at the door to the rec. It opened without hassle and allowed them entry. John was surprised to see, where before the room had been deserted, there was now a full compliment of rowdy triad-playing pilots. One of them noticed the booze and they instantly had his full attention.

    "Hey! Look, everyone! They brought drinks! Shucks, kids, you sure do know how to make a guy feel at home."

    He reached out and grabbed a case of Ambrosia from under Nagala's arm. John just frowned at him. Had his hands been free to, he might've used the fists that were forming along the sides of the two cases he still had.

    "Yeah, sure," he said. "Why the frak not?"

    The pilot had plopped the case down on a table and the drinks were now being distributed around. He turned back to John and offered him a hand with the other cases, sliding them into the fridge.

    "Sorry," he said. "I guess you weren't aware that it's official fleet policy - all drinks must be shared equally."

    He smiled and stuck out a large hairy hand. John took it hesitantly and shook.

    "Name's Harden - Stuart Harden. I'm the-"

    "Reserve Viper Squadron Leader."

    "Yeah that's right. How'd you know?"

    "I do my homework. I'm Phoenix and this is John."

    "Nagala? No way. I'm a big admirer of your father - you must get that all the time."


    "Come on, kids, take a seat."

    The large Harden took a seat at the nearby table and Phoenix immediately joined him. John felt like throwing up, but he took a seat anyways, hoping that would settle his stomach.

    "Your callsign's Drifter, aint it?"

    "Yeah, that's right."

    "Aren't you supposed to be reporting to the Deck Chief?"


    "CAG was in a mighty fuss earlier over you. What'd you do anyways?"

    "I killed three men with my bare hands."

    There was a moment of silence, then Harden burst out laughing.

    "Oh Gods," he said, trying to contain his loud boisterous laughter. "That's good, kid. I like you."

    John picked up his own bottle and twisted the cap off. He put it to his lips, thought better of it and said, "Yeah, well, that makes two of you."

    Then he tilted his head back and drank.

    "Right, well... I'm gonna go report to the Hangar Deck. About time I get those frakkin' CNPs out of our birds, right folks?"

    Phoenix nodded.

    "Have fun, Johnny."

    "Yeah... Yeah I'm sure I will."

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    Post  Elena Vance on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:13 pm

    T-2 Days - 1859 - Aerelon Orbital Drydock, Battlestar Rhea - Port Flight Pod

    It had been years. Probably since flight school, when she passed basic flight flawlessly while her greatest rival, an idiot called Alex Riggs, screwed completely up. The superior expression on her face, the satisfied smile... Elena was enjoying the show. Her CAP had ended over one and half an hour ago, but she couldn't help it. Watching Nagala do his work on the Vipers, being allowed to remove all CNPs properly, was the most entertaining view she could think of. He knew that she was there. And that made it all the better.

    But she still had one, two more things to do. The review for the Commander needed a little more work. Though she had planned it thoroughly, she still needed a last Squadron leader and couldn't think of a really suitable person. So what? I'll have to look through the files again.

    She stretched herself. Exactly at that moment, Nagala seemed to look at her again, and she couldn't do anything but laugh at his rather angry look. But she also happened to see the Chief and their eyes met. She looked better. Actually, she had lied and given her double the time they had agreed on, four hours instead of two, but that certainly had had its effect. She gave her a nod and she responded the same way, returning the smile that hadn't yet vanished from the CAG's face, then focused on her work again.

    Something told her that she better got going. But first, I get out of this flight gear and take a shower. Turning by 90 degrees, she went down the gallery to the automated door and left for the washing room.

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    Post  Alexander Sola on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:18 pm

    Alex pushed his way though the crowds around the Engineering section. Finally reaching the command cabin of Main Engineering, he stopped beside a console with a deckhand working on it.

    "Where is the Chief Engineer?"

    The deckhand didn't look up from what he was doing.

    "Major Woods is in the office back there."

    He finished by guestering with his shoulder. Alex walked through the cabin, that had about half a dozen people working on consoles or with just the ends of their leg's poking out of small hatches. He reached the half open officer door, and knocked.

    "Major Woods?"

    Alex walked in and he had to keep his jaw from dropping, From behind the desk there sat not a burly man that he had been expecting but a slim, attractive woman. She looked up at him.

    "Yes Ensign....?"

    "It's Ensign Sola. I'm the Tactical officer. I've been sent here by the Commander."

    The Major placed her tablet on the table and stood up.

    "Let me guess, he wants the ship to be ready at 100% yesterday?"

    Alex could obviously see the stress that she was under, so he decided to try to not agrevate her more.

    "All he wants is the ship to be able to defend itself. I've been studing the Schematics of the ship and he's signed off on my idea."

    Woods had walked around the table and was standing in front of Alex. He was suprised she was so tall, she only stood about 3 inches shorter then him.

    "And how do you suggest we manage that when we still have a weeks worth of work and only a day and a bit to get it done."

    Alex dropped the folder on the table and opened it. He pointed at the diagram of the Auxilary reactor's.

    "We need to create a direct link from the Auxilary reactor's to the defensive grid and Viper launch controls. Incase the CNP knocks out our primary power, once we launch. I know we are going to be pulling the CNP out but the commander wants us to be able to defend ourselves if we are somehow attacked when we are doing the swap."

    Rubbing her forehead, she sighed and grabbed two tool belts from a locker next to the desk.

    "If we are doing this. I'm not pulling anyone off of what they are doing, so its just me and you. It should take about 12 hours if we start now. This way"

    She pointed to a second door leading out into a corridor. Walking past a Petty Officer she whispered something Alex couldn't hear. Reaching a comm station Alex stopped.

    "Sola to CIC."

    Upon hearing this Woods stopped. Alex waited to hear the click on the phone.

    "CIC here, Ream talking."

    "Ah Mr Ream, Can you pass on a message to the Commander for me. The message is as follow's. The Back up plan should be ready in 12 hour's. I will call back with a report in 6 hours. Thank you"

    Not waiting for a reply Alex hung up the phone and carried on walking.

    "It's your ship Major."

    "Call me Lou, and it's our ship. But this way."

    As she said that she smiled for the first time since Alex had meet her. She lead the way down the corridor and Alex felt that she was going to be fun to work with.

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    Post  Ethan Knight on Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:32 pm

    T-2 Days - 2130 - Aerelon Orbital Drydock, Battlestar Rhea - XO's Quarters

    Colonel Ethan Knight was now leaning back in his chair behind his desk with his feet propped up on the corner. A status report folder lay open on his chest as his eyes slowly drooped close. The hectic day slowly going through his mind, while a soft melody played from the wireless in the corner of the room. The arrival of the commander, the interesting conversation they had, the arrest of Stuart Ansley.

    Ethan was suddenly interrupted from his silent muse by a solid thuds on his door. Taking his feet off the corner and placing the folder back on the desk. Ethan quickly straightened out his uniform. "Enter," he said in a load clear voice.

    The hatch opened to reveal Petty Officer 2nd Class Zubin Ream entering the XO's quarters.

    "Petty Officer Ream, what can I do for you?" Ethan asked leaning forward onto his desk.

    "Nothing sir. I just have several papers I need you to sign," Ream said handing Ethan a folder with several papers.

    Looking down at the list in front of him Ethan read through it. 'Ammunition Transfer Confirmation, Command Navigation Program Maintenance, Transfer Protocols... So on so forth,' he thought dully.

    Taking out a pen, Ethan started to sign through the papers. "Most of this usually goes to the Commander to sign," Ethan said as he penned his signature on another paper. "Why didn't you take it to him to sign?"

    "Ah well sir, the Commander is going through multiple meetings to meet key crewmembers and department heads," Ream said as he stood at ease in front of the Colonel's desk.

    "Ah. Well. That explains it.," Ethan said as he signed the last paper. Sliding the pile back into the folder, he handed it back to the Petty Officer. "That should do it Mr. Ream."

    "Thank you sir," Ream said as he took the folder. "Permission to speak freely sir?"

    Ethan narrowed his eyes slightly as he leaned back into his chair. "Permission granted Petty Officer."

    "What do you think of the Commander sir?"

    Ethan thought for a second before closing his eyes and leaning further back into the chair. A small smile broke out across his face as he looked at the Petty Officer. "That is for me to know and the rumor mill to find out," Ethan said. "But if you must know, I will follow him into battle without question if the need arises and so should you. Dismissed Petty Officer," Ethan said as he stood up and saluted.

    "Thank you sir," Ream said as he saluted and left Ethan's quarters.

    Nodding his head in satisfaction, Ethan unbuttoned the jacket of his uniform as he walked over to the wireless. Turning up the volume slightly, Ethan closed his eyes and sat down on his bed.

    'This ought to be an interesting post.'

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    T-2 Days – 2355 – Aerelon Orbital Drydock, Battlestar Rhea

    The mighty Battlestar Rhea lay in its gigantic steel bed. Civilian and military workers alike crawled across its surface in gray space suits, their shadows making them look like little black ants from a distance.

    Inside the ship, however, the crew was slowly finding its way to bed. Some would sleep, some would find themselves unable to rest - the excitement of tomorrow's dawn too exciting a prospect to let them slumber. Still others found themselves still busily working away in an effort to complete the ship in time for its launch.

    The sleeping ship was abuzz with activity.

    Down on the surface of Aerelon - as on the other Colonies - the people were confident and hopeful for the future. They saw a grand existence to come. Some shining destiny, still just barely out of their grasp. They had no idea what horrors were about to be reaped upon them...

    For, a sector away, there was another ship. Another fleet of ships - Cylon Warships. A massive attack fleet of Basestars, moving ever closer to the oblivious Colonials - their intent entirely hostile.

    Plans had been made, agents had been placed, and the time was right for the Cylon Imperium to strike down their former masters, those they had sat back and hated from afar for much too long. Cosmic justice, a cleansing of the plague on the Universe that was Humanity.. that was their goal.

    As the end of one day came to an abrupt climax, the dawn of a new day was swiftly approaching. But this day would be unlike any other. This day would change everything.

    We now continue on to Phase Two...

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