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    BIO: John Nagala Nagala_Big

    Character Name: John Nagala
    Playby*: Takeshi Kaneshiro
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 178 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Build: Slim / Muscular
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic: Son of Admiral Nagala, serious attitude problem, hits the bottle too often for his own good

    Personal History:
    Looking at my father, one might think he was a happy man. A caring family man who loved his kids and would've given them the worlds if he could have. It certainly seems like he's trying, and he's damn well close. Admiral Patrick Nagala - my father - is none of these things in reality. For me, he was always this way. My older brother, Kevin, was too young to really know. But mom has always said that dad used to be a very affectionate and romantic man who'd charmed her off her feet and married her within a month of their first meeting. It was combat that changed him. When the Cylon War started, he was one of the first men in our city to enlist. When he came back, he was different.

    Me, I don't know about that. The dad that I know is a drinker.. always has been. He's the man who brings his military buddies home for a game of triad and pulls out the big bottles. He pours a shot for each of them and a double for himself. If you happened to be me or my brother and you were around, you'd be running errands to and from the kitchen all night. "We need more chips; bring the cigar box from the bedroom; here son, have a drink!"

    When I turned 10, I remember my dad taking me to an air show. There were a bunch of old Mark II Vipers flying overheard, performing aerobatics, and pulling some stunts ripped off from the Cylon War era pilots. Dad seemed to be enjoying the nostaliga of it. I was bored out of my frakkin skull. Eventually, when the show came to an end, he leaned over to me and said in my ear, alcohol thick on his breath, "you, my son, are going to pilot a Viper one day. You're going to be the best damn pilot the Colonial Fleet has ever seen and you're going to outshine your old man ten to one."

    "Sure, dad," I said.

    When my father tells you you are going to do something, it's usually best to say yes - unless you want the lumps and bruises that me and my brother sported for much of our at-home lives.

    It's not that Vipers, the military, all that stuff, doesn't interest me. In fact, I'm very interested. But participating in it.. that's another thing entirely. The Colonial Military is a joke. It's a half-assed fleet of old decrepit (or brand-new, and poorly constructed) ships run by a corrupt and rarely-sober Admiralty who don't give a damn about the men and women risking their lives every godsdamn day just to catch a couple of frakkin smugglers. How do I know?

    My dad's a frakkin Admiral, that's how I know. And if you think that you can avoid going through flight school with an Admiral for a father who has this preconceived notion that you're the savior of humanity when in a cockpit (just like he used to be - right?) then you are sadly mistaken. I did everything I could. Drunk and disorderly conduct, striking a fellow trainee, striking a superior officer, defacing Colonial property - that's a good story actually, but one for another time. I even wrecked five planes 'accidentally' and was given a complete pardon on my 'reckless but valiant' activities.

    Frak that shit.

    Academic History:
    Port Kaus Kindergarten and Primary School
    Ascella Finishing School for Young Men
    Colonial Academy Flight School

    Career History (or Service History): Viper Pilot - Battlestar Rhea

    Goals and Ambitions: To win his father's approval and earn an honourable discharge of any kind immediately afterwards

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