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    BIO: Andreu Rylan AlecBaldwin5

    Character Name: Andreu Rylan
    Playby: Alec Baldwin
    Age: 42
    Height: 180cm / 5'11''
    Weight: 73kg / 160pounds
    Eyes: Blue grey
    Hair: Dark brown, turning grey at sides. Stubble.
    Build: Broad, paunched stomach
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic: Constant smokers cough. Limp in left leg.
    Position: 1st Squadron Leader

    Personal History:
    Rylan's father died during the closing stages of the1st cylon war, leaving his mother to raise him as an only child for the last two years of the conflict. Fathers body was never recovered.
    Mother died seventeen years previously, cervical cancer.
    Previously married once, divorced 8 years ago. 1 child. Both ex-wife and daughter living on Aerelon.

    ''I don't harbor any hatred for the Cylons. They just started doing what we do – a little better.''
    - Andreu Rylan

    Academic History:
    ''While intelligent, Andreu Rylan stumbled through high school and college - and he will coast through university with his current level of attendance. Lack of interest and application of ability are a squandering of time, money and talent I cannot abide.'' - Dean of Marathonian University, Tauron

    Career History (or Service History):
    Served for 5 years with the colonial military, 563rd Viper squadron, discharged for medical reasons.
    9 years as a aerospace engineering consultant with ECYS Engineering. Published two books.
    Re-joined the colonial military, retrained for the Viper VII, 10 years previously.
    2 unfiled and unprosecuted accusations of insubordination and disrespecting commanding officers.
    Removed from squadron leader position aboard Battlestar Hecate, transferred to Battlestar Rhea, awaiting assignment.

    ''Rylan?! Piss-poor waste of space if you ask me. He's too old to hack it in a Viper, twenty years behind every ex-Viper jock who's moving through command now. Not fit enough to take what the Viper dishes out and his nerves are shot – when you get old, things start creeping up on you, like death. You can't hide behind that immortal feeling youth gives you anymore.'' - Master Gunnery Sergeant Alias Barns

    Goals and Ambitions:
    Retire with a military O-5 pension.
    Dance with his daughter at her wedding.
    Publish another book.
    Drink at Alias Barns' funeral.
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    I gotta say, I love the use of quotes in this - and his final goal is great. Very Happy

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