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    BIO: Alexander Sola Joe_flanigan_99

    Character Name: Alexander Sola
    Playby: Joe Flanigan
    Age: 27
    Height: 5ft 11
    Weight: 10st 11lb
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Hair: Short, slightly unkempt
    Build: Athletic
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic: Independent (sometimes too much so), Doesn't trust easily which can lead to conflicts, Avid card player.
    Position: Tactical Officer

    Personal History:

    Growing up in the sunny suburbs in the south side of Caprica city. Many would assume that Alex was a rich snob who could buy his way into any position that he wanted, but in a lot of ways this is completely untrue. When he was 6 his father died and left his wife with a large debt to Picon smuggler's. Alex grew up in constant fear that this could be the last day he walked out his front door on his way to school. After 3 failed attempts to kill both him and his mother, he had grown up enough to leave school and find work. One day while he was working in the local market he heard a massive explosion. Instinct took over and instead of following everyone away from it, he ran straight towards it, fearing the worst.

    His life changed that fateful day. Upon reaching the site of the explosion he could see his mother being beaten and worse by the thugs. Seeing this sent him into a beast like state, and before the Local police force had reached the scene Alex had killed 4 of the thugs, the other 3 running once the police siren's could be heard. Alex fearing his adult life left as well. No one knows this dark secret and it makes him hold his feelings tight to his chest. His mother died a few hours later in hospital and then Alex was alone.

    He enrolled back into school, and began to try to get his life back on track. After three dismal years Alex left and joined the Colonial Military. After 4 years working through the academy he showed his instructors he could over come any challenge he was given except when it came to trusting people. However this trait lead to his being well known as one of the straightest faced card players at the Academy.

    Academic History:

    Barnwell School for the upper class
    Stanborough High School.
    Caprica Military Academy

    Career History (or Service History):

    3 years aboard the Defender Odysseus, Working up from a recruit to a Petty officer first class in a short space of time.
    2 years aboard the Battlestar Columbia, as a secondary aide for the Tactical officer. He was then promoted to Ensign and assigned to the newly built Battlestar Rhea.

    Goals and Ambitions:

    His primary ambition is to make it aboard a Mercury Class Battlestar. He wish's to command his own ship and be able to make the life and death decisions that make his heart race.

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