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    BIO: Elena Vance Hot-list-grace-park-2

    Character Name: Elena Vance
    Playby: Grace Park
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'9''
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Build: Slim/Athletic
    Gender: Female
    Distinctive Characteristic: Casual Triad-player, sudden mood changes, uncomprehending about religion
    Position: Commander, Air Group

    Personal History:
    Apparently abandoned by her parents, Elena was raised in an orphanage on Gemenon, in the slums of Tinota. Due to the very harsh religious breeding and the awful circumstances she had to live in, constantly bullied and hit by the other orphans and her housemasters, she developed a strong hatred for the belief in the Gods of Kobol, blaming them for her dreadful childhood.
    She trained herself to stand up against those who wished her bad. And even though she had no support at all, her own strong will helped her to not only persevere, but also go through school with good grades, way above average. After graduating, she left her ‘home’ and applied for the military, having no place to stay and not expecting it to be possibly worse than what she had been through. And it was proven to be the right decision.
    She made friends that had suffered too, people with comparably strong volition, found that she had talent for flying and was a good soldier. And to be closer to the stars, leaving the gravity of Gemenon, that had rested on her shoulders, behind, turned out to be the fulfilment of her own small dream.

    Academic History:
    Tinota-East Elementary School
    Pythia High School
    Tinota Military College

    Career History (or Service History):
    For the first three years of her career, Elena was assigned to the Defender Patricia, serving in many actions against smugglers at the borders of the Colonial space and earning promotions up to the rank of a Chief Petty Officer.
    Her next post was the Scorpian Shipyard where she was part of the station’s guarding Air Wing for almost two years.
    With the promotion to a Lieutenant Junior Grade, she was, on her personal request, reassigned to the Battlestar Chimera. Again, outstanding flight skills and dedicated service brought her the attention of her superior officers. Within one year, she wore the rank of a Lieutenant and commanded one of Chimera’s Viper Squadrons. After eight years of service, she was eventually promoted to the rank of a Captain and recommended for the position of the Commander Air Group aboard the newly built Battlestar Rhea.

    Goals and Ambitions:
    Actually, none. Having escaped the terrors of her youth and rising fast in the hierarchy of the Colonial Military, faster and farther than she would have ever expected, Elena’s only wish is to make that, if she ever has children, make sure that they have a better life.

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