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    Post  Francis Cavil on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:34 am

    Read the winning entry HERE!

    Read the runner-up entry HERE!

    Congratulations to Elena Vance for winning the Promerita Vita Short Story Contest. The story you submitted was very good and, by default, also the best. I say by default because the only other entry to the contest was my own (as Cavil) and I had already declared that I was not entering to win.

    Still, had others taken the time to write their own stories and / or submit them, its still very possible yours would have come out on top. Having already read it, I was very impressed with the work. Good job and congratulations!

    Your prize: Your real life persona will be featured as a recurring cameo character in the RP. Details will be discussed privately.

    Based on the success of this contest I personally find the idea of another dubious at best. Perhaps we shall try again and, if we do, I really hope to see more of an effort on everyone's part.

    That is all.

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