The 12 Colonies of Kobol

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    The 12 Colonies of Kobol

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    Name: Aerelon
    Capital: Thebes
    Original Tribe: Ares
    Demonym: Aerelonian
    Details: Aerelon was claimed by the ancient tribe known as the "Children of Ares" - often just referred to as "Ares" - and was the sixth of the twelve colonies to be officially established. Now frequently refered to as the "Breadbasket of the Twelve Colonies", Aerelon was not always so. For many decades after the original settlement of the colonies by the Twelve Tribes of Kobol, many of the tribes relied solely upon their own for everything and kept to themselves. Those colonies that lacked in certain resources, traded for them with the others. For a long time, Canceron was in fact the dominant agricultural body, trading goods with many of the other colonies while the Aerelonians kept relatively to themselves. As technology in the colonies developed and expanded, so too did the need for Tylium. Aerelon had few Tylium mines and required trade with other colonies, rich in the mineral, to sustain its growing demand. This was the beginning of the Aerelon monopoly on the Colonial Agricultural Exchange, which fell quickly from Canceron hands.

    The planet is orbited by three satellites - two unnamed moons and one large asteroid. Both moons are too small for atmosphere, but massive enough to create extraordinarily strong tidal forces. As such, little of the Aerelonian seas have ever been explored. The only fishing market on the planet comes from large lakes and rivers, and in order to protect this important resource, the Aerelonian government has disallowed all off-planet exports of marine life.

    The Capital city of Thebes is located on the planet's largest (and most central) continent: Mars. Its central location and elevated terrain made it an ideal spot for the first settlers of the planet and has remained an important city to the Aerelonian people ever since. Several museums and temples are scattered throughout the city. Aerelon is home to many successful sports teams, including the Aerelon Warlords (who currently hold the 3rd spot in the Intercolony Pyramid League or IPL), the Fort Aspiring War College, and the Colonial Marine High Headquarters.

    Name: Aquaria
    Capital: Eridanus
    Original Tribe: Aquarius
    Demonym: Aquarian
    Details: The first of the Twelve Colonies to be officially established, Aquaria was initially the leader of Colonial politics - holding annual councils with delegates from the other eleven tribes on its single massive continent: Atlantis. Aquaria was extremely successful trading its wide variety of sea life for food and entertainment throughout the Colonies - its surface being 73% ocean. It was a favourite remark of Aquarian politicians to say, "As the seas of Aquaria shall never dry up, Neither shall our bellies ever grow hungry."

    Eventually, as the tribes grew further apart from one another, the Aquarians became extremely isolationist, electing a strict, Fascist government that opted out of further council meetings for decades, until it eventually crumbled beneath growing pressures from the other Colonies for democratic leadership. It was during this time that undersea exploration led to the discovery of vast tylium stores in ocean shelfs and extensive mining operations were undertaken. With this newfound resource, trade began to open up again between Aquaria and the other Colonies.

    The Aquarian Capital of Eridanus is a marvel to behold, and is commonly referred to as The Pearl of Life by romantics and poets throughout the twelve worlds for its tall, graceful buildings made of glass and marble that fill the city streets. Due to its large reserves of Tylium, a Colonial Fleet Refueling Station was built in orbit of the planet during the First Cylon War. Aquaria is also home to the Aquarian SeaStars (currently ranked 10th in the IPL) and the Association for Colonial Disarmament and Collective Security.

    Name: Canceron
    Capital: Acubens
    Original Tribe: Cancer
    Demonym: Canceran
    Details: Canceron, now overshadowed by its agriculturally-superior cousin, Aerelon, was initially the main supplier of foodstuffs for the twelve worlds. The third Colony established, Canceron was the first to develop mass intercolony trade routes and an organized democratic government (the main purpose of which, at the time, was regulating exports and imports and settling disputes between farmers). The 14 continents that sprawl across its mostly-temperate surface are covered in vast plains that stretch for miles. Forests dot the surface and tend to concentrate along the glacial rivers eminating from the Central Mountain Range that runs along the spine of the planet.

    Canceron's Capital City, nestled snugly against the base of a mountain, is Acubens. The planetary government insisted that it stay relatively rustic and un-industrialized for the sake of the environment and the pure, pastoral, and rugged image of Canceran life that keeps their tourism industry thriving, even to this day.

    The nearby city of Titan, however, is a sprawling metropolis that surrounds a small forest, maintained in the heart of the city as a large isolated park, complete with a large free-roam zoo for the more wild animals that once filled the forest. It is the economic heart of Canceron and contains the planet's only military institution - a small listening post.

    Name: Caprica
    Capital: Delphi (Caprica City is the Colonial Capital)
    Original Tribe: Capricorn
    Demonym: Caprican
    Details:(COMING SOON)

    Name: Gemenon
    Capital: Auriga
    Original Tribe: Gemeni
    Demonym: Gemenese
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Leonis
    Capital: Panthera
    Original Tribe: leo
    Demonym: Leonan
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Libran
    Capital: Zibantu
    Original Tribe: Libra
    Demonym: Libran
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Picon
    Capital: Typhon City
    Original Tribe: Pisces
    Demonym: Piconese
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Saggitaron
    Capital: Heraklion
    Original Tribe: Saggitarius
    Demonym: Sajjitarian
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Scorpia
    Capital: Antares
    Original Tribe: Scorpio
    Demonym: Scorpian
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Tauron
    Capital: Babylon
    Original Tribe: Taurus
    Demonym: Tauran
    Details: (COMING SOON)

    Name: Virgon
    Capital: Matrona
    Original Tribe: Virgo
    Demonym: Virgonese
    Details: (COMING SOON)


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